Decorating Around The Fireplace For The Holidays

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Decorating Around The Fireplace For The Holidays

As temperatures drop and winter hovers, we find consolatation in our romantic images of winter and the holidays. One very human instinct is to yearn for a warm spot. Home is indeed where the hearth is! Beyond the physical warmth coming from oil, gas, or solar, we look to the fireplace, as an important anchor of a room.

A comfortable chair or two with an ottoman creates a cozy nook for lounging or reading and balances the other upholstered pieces around the room. Throwing a splash of color from a a beautiful throw is great for snuggling and can serve as a wonderful accent color.

For many people, the ritual of building the fire itself is most important. A log basket is practical to have close by and can also be a decorative element. Since arranging chairs around the fireplace can be tricky, make certain you have adequate space for the necessary fireplace tools and firewood.

It is definitely worth investing time to find the perfect accessories for the fireplace mantle, such as large candlesticks/and or hurricane lamps. At the end of the day, when the gift wrap is crumpled up and the table is cleared, what lingers in our minds is the laughter, the stories and all the light-hearted banter around the fireplace. These are the moments that become the treasured memories of our past.

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