Pillows Talk

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Pillows Talk

Many people think of pillows only as accents, as mere afterthoughts to the overall design of a room.

However, this is not so….

Great looking pillows say lots about a room and its quality.

Well chosen pillows provide visual exclamation points, and can even inspire the entire color palette of a home.  Colors radiating from a multi-colored print on a pillow can then flow to other rooms, creating color balance throughout.

Pillows’ motifs can also contribute to the theme or look of a home (eg., seaside, sporting, or garden), adding personality, wit,  or even whimsy to the design scheme.

From an economic vantage point, splurging on an expensive fabric, and then fabricating it into a custom pillow, often makes a lot of sense.

The yardage per pillow is minimal (between 3/4 and 1 yard per pillow, though usually with a 2 yard minimum.  Less expensive fabric on a sofa will instantly look better when some beautifully fabricated down pillows are placed against the back cushions.(And please get 80-100% down fillig for your pillows; foam will not do.)

All in all, the addition of a few sumptuous, custom-made throw pillows will add great quality to your entire room, and give you lots of bang for your buck!