Design Process and Philosophy

For Dena, a successful design project begins and ends with her clients.

Her first step is to understand their tastes, needs, and lifestyles, as well as to analyze the physical spaces involved. In the initial consultation, Dena encourages her clients to discuss ideas or display images from publications or websites which appeal to them. By sharing images and ideas, Dena develops a sense for both the home and the people, as well as for the budget, timeline, and scope of the project. Then, drawing on her own experience, resources, and judgment, her task is to help translate her clients’ dreams into beautiful, functional spaces of lasting value and pleasure for their owners.

Dena’s goal is to always make the process fun and exciting for her clients, exposing them to interesting new possibilities, while respecting their tastes and style preferences. She also strives to make the process efficient, helping her clients to receive maximum value for their investments of time and money. With over thirty years experience, Dena has built up an extraordinary network of resources and professional craftspeople, and makes sure that the details are executed perfectly. Every project receives her own undiluted attention, and Dena provides every client with personalized, caring and responsive service.

In the end, Dena believes that a successful Interior Design project is not merely about inanimate objects in space, but rather about expressing beautifully the hearts and souls of the home’s owners. Dena’s approach and her work have always reflected this philosophy, and she measures her success in terms of her clients’ lasting satisfaction.