I had the most enjoyable experience working with Dena.  I have worked with designers in the past and was a little afraid of the process.  I would sometimes end up with things that I didn’t feel expressed me or the vision that I  had discussed with my designer.  However, Dena was a positive creative force from the beginning to the end.  She made a great effort in trying to understand what I liked and wanted, and then took the ideas and brought them to a place that was far more beautiful than I had imagined.  Dena has the perfect personality to work with; She is positive, and focused on the final concept.  She takes the process in stride.  It can be an overwhelming undertaking when you are decorating a large home such as ours.  Dena made the process steady, calming, enjoyable and exciting.  Now, I walk into a room and feel such a sense of beauty and satisfaction.  Our home has been decorated with complete consideration of our taste and goals – and it is simply “perfect”.  Thank you Dena for helping us with our vision in creating our beautiful home.  You are a treasure.

—K. Chang / Lafayette, CA

Dena Hamilburg  possesses a sensitivity to color and texture, light and space, that produces in her work an ability to create a vision of design unique to the needs of her client.  I have worked with Dena for a number of years on projects both large and small and her attention to detail in uniform throughout.  One of the pleasures of collaborating with her has been the variety of design solutions she brings to the table when working out what she feels a space needs, always sensitive to the client’s wishes and budget. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a resource for her various projects over the years.

—J. Herbst, Decorative Painter / Boston, MA

Bringing Dena on board for our project was the smartest design decision we made. We live in a 200+ year old house, and the room we wanted to make into a library/music room is approximately 10 feet wide by 25 feet long — unacceptable proportions by modern standards! Somehow, we needed lots of bookcases, room for our piano, space for the TV (without its being over the fireplace), and super comfortable — but slightly smaller scale — furniture. Oh, and the fireplace juts out 3 feet into the room. How is that for a design challenge?!

We thought we’d have to divide the room in two, but we were afraid to put up any new walls or entryways, diminishing the room’s natural light and its major charm, without someone else’s input. Thank goodness we called Dena. She made it all work. We still have considerable bookcase space with room for our small grand piano and two cozy sitting areas, one with the bookcases and the TV and one by the fireplace. Perfect for that “the kids are finally in bed” cocktail. The furniture is perfectly proportioned to our space while still being plush. Moreover, the room is beautiful. It’s a “grown-up” room for my husband and me that’s in keeping with the house’s history, but still fun and eclectic to match our style — and mindful of our budget!

Thank you so very much, Dena. You’ve helped give us a space that truly enhances our time together.

—A. Mitchell / Hopkinton NH

My husband Michael and I had enjoyed the first few years of marriage living in a very beautiful urban condo in Charlestown. After the birth of our first son we decided to take the plunge and move to Andover, a suburb north of Boston. Immediately after my husband and I purchased our home, we had the worst buyers remorse. We absolutely hated the inside of our house.  Dena Hamilburg came highly recommended to me by a friend.  From our first telephone conversation, until the completion of the project, she put me at ease and never stopped impressing me with her exquisite taste. She took a dark and dated space, and transformed it into a bright and beautiful home that we are proud of.  Her professionalism and positive attitude made the entire process enjoyable. I can’t thank her enough for everything that she did for us.

—C. Tameo / Andover, MA

I have used Hamilburg Interiors’ design services for the last 27 years. Dena Hamilburg decorated my small brownstone condo in the South End in 1988 and then my Dover home in 1995. Since then, every few years we redecorate several rooms and Dena has been there to design the layout, purchase the material, and implement the plan. Her contractors also are top rate. Dena recently designed and helped to build two marble bathrooms in our home; they are stunning and were completed under budget. Dena has an artistic flair and always seems to know what would look best in a space. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Hamilburg Interiors over these almost three decades.

—D. Kramer / Boston, MA

I have known and worked with Dena Hamilburg for fourteen years.  I met and hired her when my husband and I were taking on an enormous building project.  We built a 7,000+ square foot house that literally needed every stick of furniture, every wall, window and floor covering.  To say we were a little overwhelmed would be an understatement.   Dena stepped in and with infinite patience  and incredible taste and ability, she turned our “building project” into a stately, yet warm and welcoming, home.  She was conscious of our budget and wishes and was able to help us spend our money effectively.  It is twelve years since we moved in.  We have changed very little in that time due to Dena’s careful selection and guidance towards choosing timeless pieces and treatments.  We continue to get compliments on our home.  We have been part of a house tour for charity and I have heard that our home was the tour favorite.  That is a lovely thing to hear but frankly, all the credit goes to Dena.

We will move on from this house in the next couple of years and I will not hesitate to get Dena involved in our next decorating project.

I can, and have, recommend Hamilburg Interiors very highly.

—Kristine and Jim Melvin / Carlisle, MA