The Color Purple

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The Color Purple

If you haven’t been a huge fan of the color purple, you could find yourself suddenly loving it.

Why your change of heart? Purple is everywhere! The color permeates the pages of the current interior design publications and fashion magazines. Wall coverings, upholstered furniture, accent pillows, even advertisements for Botox are set against a purple background.

In last month’s Architectural Digest, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s living room features two sleek cream-colored sofas, contrasted with sumptuous purple pillows. Duralee, a company known for designer fabrics, devotes an entire advertising page in House Beautiful to showcase an array of pillows in geometric fabrics, popping from a white background—and yes, they are all shades of purple, violet and fuchsia!

Since it is virtually impossible to avoid being influenced by the design trends we see around us, my professional suggestion is to limit your purchases of the color of the moment to smaller items such as pillows, accessories, or even a foot stool.

Generally, you should select more neutral tones for your larger upholstered pieces.

If you still feel you can’t resist that purple sofa, try not to give into that impulse. Instead, try something like a gray fabric with a purple or deep eggplant tint. These colors are more timeless. They are classic choices that will not necessarily be long forgotten tomorrow.

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