The When And Why Of Wallpaper

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The When And Why Of Wallpaper

When (and why) to incorporate a wall covering into an interior design scheme? Good question! Specifically, why would one choose wallpaper over paint? The most obvious reason to use wallcovering is simply to add another layer to the decorating mix. A well-chosen wall covering often can add pattern and interest to an otherwise uninteresting space, especially one lacking architectural detail. Wall coverings also can create the illusion of a more spacious room, if selected cleverly.

Rooms that can often benefit from wallpaper are powder rooms, dining rooms, and guest rooms, as well as small spaces (such as hallways) which could otherwise be ignored.

Most importantly if you are considering wallpaper, please select a hand-printed or good quality one. You don’t want it to look as though it needs to be replaced with paint!

Several years ago when I was redecorating my own family room, I had a major decision of whether to paint, glaze or paper the walls. In my professional work with clients, I tended to choose paint or a decorative finish for a “cleaner” look.  Somehow this personal decorating decision was different, though, as the family room was open to our new kitchen, and I wanted to coordinate the two rooms.

With much thought (and legwork), I selected a William Morris paper (“Windrush,” pictured with this post) in a gold/thyme colorway. The multi-colored pattern set off the cream-painted and glazed corner bookcases, lined with books and mementos, and helped me to achieve my goal: The look of an English country home’s library. Playing off of the furniture-quality, beautifully figured cherry kitchen cabinets, the paper created a sophisticated, yet cozy feeling.

I have never regretted my decision to paper this space, and I have enjoyed it daily ever since.